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Coaching the average to achieve exceptional results

Time efficient
Save the most valuable asset in your life

Online Coaching releases the boundaries of scheduling and physical appointments. Time your Training when and where you like. A straightforward Approach to reach your Goals optimally.


There is no one size fits all

Like our fingerprints our bodies and lifestyles are unique. Training and Nutrition should be customized and tailored to your individuality. Training according to your individuality will gain the most success for you.

Evidence-Based Approach
Science meets Application

Applying the Bayesian method to combine the latest scientific research with the most applicable and rational implementation. A Bayesian approach to maximize your results.

No Crazy Diet. No Bro-science. No Magic Pill.

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Only 5 % of people reach their fitness goals

What is your Goal?
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    Put on muscle mass
    get your long desired body

    3×3, 5×5, HIIT, or a typical bro split? All plans miss the obvious: your individual Body. We will analyse and assess your individual traits and potential, combined with advanced tools; we accelerate your progress in the gym.

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    Lose those extra pounds
    get in shape for the summer

    Want to lose the extra Pounds you have accumulated over the past months? Weight loss can be motional and emotionally taxing. Every new diet promises the Magic pill. We will take out the guesswork and focus on the fundamentals. We will focus on long-term success by adapting a healthy relationship towards nutrition. There is no quick fix to weight loss.

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    Compete in a show
    Get ready for your physique show

    Getting into peak condition takes time, dedication and effort.If your preparation is not set up well, you will waste a lot of your hard earned progress.  I will guide you in the process of getting in peak condition.

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    Run an obstalce race
    conquer the toughest races

    Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Mud Masters, all will challenge your endurance, strength, and willpower. We will make you tougher, stronger, and a willpower machine. Combined with the right race day nutrition, you will conquer every obstacle with ease.

setting you up for success

How I will help you
Nutrition Programming
A healthy flexible approach

The best diet can’t help if you cannot stick to it. We will focus on creating a sustainable and healthy plan for you. Creating a plan that suits your preferences will make you adhere in the long run.

Strength Training Periodization
Making progress in the long run

A training plan individualized and customized to your strength and weaknesses. Applying advanced techniques and progression models to ensure you are training most effectively.

Weekly Adjustments
Ensuring Progress from Week to Week

Via Skype, Facebook, or Email, we will have weekly feedback talks and adjustments, tweaking your training and nutrition to your current lifestyle and events.

Objective Feedback

If you are accountable for your decisions to someone else, you are more likely to follow through. If you know what you should do, but never seem to do it, you will benefit from the responsibility and liability to your coach.

Designed for Long Term Success
No quick fixes

Every program is designed to ensure long-term success. You will get all necessary information and tools to ensure you can self-manage your decisions.

Knowledge the key to success

All documents and information I will provide you have the aim to educate and equip you with the knowledge to make your own decisions in the long-term.

Trainer vs. Coach

Why online coaching

Many trainers will only guide you through a workout and charge a bucket full of money, leaving you alone with your goals after they made their profit. A coach will help, educate, and ensure you reach your Goals. The opportunity to work online will release the boundaries of being limited to your local talent pool, which is often mediocre and overpriced. Online coaching will release the barriers of scheduling and physical appointments. You can choose where and when you want to train and who you want to be coached by.

Enjoy the freedom

what you get

As a client, you will receive:

  • an individualized training and nutrition plan
  • weekly email adjustments and updates
  • recipes
  • shopping guides
  • access to exclusive articles
  • flexibility to follow your own schedule

If you live in the local area of Mönchengladbach/Düsseldorf, we can implement a hybrid coaching, where we meet up every other week to work on certain exercises techniques.

is it the right fit for you?

Who is it designed for?

Online coaching is not for everyone. We will get the most results if you fit the following profile:

  • Aged between 16 and 50 years
  • A typical office hero, working 9 to 5
  • At least 6 months lifting experience in the gym
  • Enjoy fitness
  • Value education and sustainability
  • You want to change and reach your goals

Ready to reach your goal?

Live up to your potential and apply for a coaching spot

An Integrative Approach

The foundation
Training can be a confusing topic. Every magazine and blog has a new muscle building/toning/functional program. You always get results with these plans, mainly due to the adaption and improved skill with the exercises, but no real progress. None can help you to fulfil your potential. With cutting edge scientific methods, we will design a customized program for you. Implemented with the right progression and periodization, you will get great results quickly and you can sustain them.
Fitness doesn’t start and end in the gym. We don’t grow in the gym. Our bodies adapt during the other 23 hours. To reap the most benefit, we will focus on improving your lifestyle and habits to accelerate your pace of achievement. Sleep, Stress, and many more factors influence how well you adapt to the gym. You won’t just improve your performance in the gym, but your overall performance throughout the day.
Nothing is more controversial than nutrition. Should you go low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, or follow any other crazy diet? There is no magic ratio or magic foods you should consume. As with training, any diet works in the short-term by eliminating calorie dense food. But that shouldn’t be the goal. The goal should be to sustain a healthy relationship to nutrition and a plan you can adhere to. Nutrition is the driver for progress in the gym. If your nutrition isn’t well-structured, you won’t get all the benefits from your hard work.
Certified Bayesian Bodybuilding PT
Rational Philosophy meets hardcore bodybuilding

Hardcore Bodybuilding and cutting edge Science meets the Bayesian way of thinking. The Bayesian method is a tool to form rational beliefs, based on the available information. Apply current science to create advanced tools to maximize muscle mass and fat loss to get to your greatest physique in the shortest time possible.

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SBS Academy Student
Setting a new standard in the industry

Shredded by Science is the number one leading Evidence-Based Academy for Personal Trainers. Covering topics around Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and coaching, taught by some of the greatest minds, like Dr. Eric Helms and Dr. Mike Zourdos.

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My Journey
From soccer to lifting heavy things

Sport has always been a big part of my life.

It started as a small (hyper), active child on the soccer pitch, followed by various other sports, like Grappling, MMA, obstacle races, and other endurance sports, but nothing was as awesome as lifting weights in the gym. The constant battle against yourself drives me in the gym. But to be honest: …

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Fitness and Health Management
IST University of Applied Sciences

I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Health Management. This major lays the fundamental knowledge around anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and biomechanics. It also includes various certifications, like fitness trainer licence, personal trainer licence, and exercise nutrition certification.

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Clients' words

testimonial author
I’ve always been into sports and had a solid understanding around exercise and nutrition. In countless talks and discussions he helped me fine tune my nutrition and vastly improved my performance at a tough mudder run.
Benjamin D.
testimonial author
One of the greatest thing I love about the coaching is the personal adaptation to my current life. With the guidelines I feel comfortable to make my own decisions without compromising the taste of my meals.
Highly recommend!
Katja W.
Head of Finance Department
Any Questions?

Feel free to ask!

Any Question?


This coaching is designed for intermediate trainees, who want to achieve their long-chased goals in the gym. My ideal Client is between 16-50 years, with at least 6 months’ experience in the gym, and a somewhat regular lifestyle.

After filling the application form below, I will review your intake and get in contact with you within 1-3 business days. If there is a coaching spot free and you are committed to achieve your goals, then we are ready to roll.

Coaching is monthly. Online coaching will be 99€/month. Hybrid coaching will be 159€/month. Hybrid coaching includes two personal training sessions per month to assess and improve your exercise techniques.

Yes! As a student, you will receive a 20% discount. Just upload your student ID in the form.

It depends on your goals and ambition.

I recommend a minimum of 3 months of coaching to implement the changes.

No, I don’t create stand-alone training or nutrition plan. A well-customized nutrition plan will always complement the training plan and vice versa. To achieve your desired results, I prefer to provide both.

No. You will have a certain degree of freedom and autonomy. I will provide you with food guidelines, macros, and supplement recommendations.

If after following my program meticulously for a month and you haven’t progressed at all, I will refund all your money.

Yes! if you live in or around Möchengladbach/Düsseldorf, I will guide you through your plan and help you to improve your exercise execution.

5% of all proceeds will be donated to charity. As client you can choose which foundation we should support.

Ready to reach your goal?

Live up to your potential and apply for a coaching spot